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  • Dates July 5th 2018
  • Ticket prices From € 50 to € 130‎
  • Hall Castell de Peralada
  • Cycle Other OBC Concerts

The death of Risorgimento writer and poet Alessandro Manzoni hit Giuseppe Verdi very hard. ‎The composer, already deeply affected by the death of the great Rossini five years ‎previously, decided to compose and dedicate this Messa da Requiem, now considered the ‎most remarkable work in his catalogue, to the memory of the creator of The Betrothed.‎

The world première of this sacred work took place in the church of San Marco, Milan, on the ‎same day as the commemoration of the first anniversary of Manzoni´s death. Out of his pain, ‎Verdi created a masterpiece based on the embryonic theme Dies irae. The result was a ‎majestic spiritual composition divided into seven parts. It is a major work in the liturgical ‎tradition that distributes the vocal parts between the four traditional performers, leaving an ‎important space throughout the piece for the choir. It also has a musical section bursting with ‎drama and overwhelming theatrical expressiveness. Soprano Leah Crocetto, mezzo-soprano ‎Ekaterina Gubanova, tenor Charles Castronovo, bass Alexander Vinogradov and the ‎Intermezzo Choir, will bring the voices to life in a work that is as intense as it is solemn. The ‎Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC), conducted by Giampaolo Bisanti, will perform a score ‎of intense melody and rhythmic power. The curtain rises on a new edition and from the very ‎first note, the memory of Carmen Mateu will accompany us throughout the work.‎

VERDI: Messa da Requiem

Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC)‎
Giampaolo Bisanti
, conductor
Leah Crocetto, soprano‎
Ekaterina Gubanova, mezzo-soprano
Charles Castronovo, tenor‎
Alexander Vinogradov, bass
Intermezzo Choir
José Luis Basso
, choir conductor

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