OBC Chamber Music



  • Dates ‎7 & 8 June 2019‎
  • Hall Hall 2 Oriol Martorell
  • Cycle OBC Chamber Music

The Soldier´s Tale is a stage piece that Igor Stravinsky created from a text by ‎Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. The work was conceived in 1917, while exiled in Switzerland in the ‎midst of the Great War. After the great ballets, it is a precedent of neoclassical works such as ‎Pulcinella. Designed for a small group of performers with the idea that it could easily tour ‎around the country like a small circus troupe, The Soldier's Tale is a staged Faustian tale. A ‎soldier who plays the violin, sells his soul to the devil (represented by the violin) in exchange ‎for a book that allows him to know the future.‎
Three dancers on stage give body and voice to the characters of this work, which questions ‎the turning-point between good and evil in a society that has rendered us insatiable and ‎where temptation is all around us.‎

STRAVINSKY: The Soldier´s Tale

Sarah Bels, violin
Albert Prat, double bass
Adrián Moscardó, trumpet
Noé Cantú, bassoon
Francesc Navarro, clarinet‎
Vicent Pérez, trombone
Joan Marc Pino, percussion
Albert Tola and Ferran Carvajal, play-writter and translation
Ferran Carvajal,artistic direction and concept
Judit Farrés,sound design
Ariadna Montfort and Anna Serra
, dancers

Stage and costume designer : Roger Orra
Lighting designer: Marc Lleixà
Sound designer: Judit Farrés
Assistant director and choreography: Fátima Campos
Executive Producer: Cristina Raventós
photography: Carlos Ruiz (lainezworks)
Giulia Grumi: assistant of scenography and costumes
Guillem Pol: Technician sound Company
Cristina C. Eujen: yechnician of lights company

Co-produced with L'Auditori de Barcelona, Teatro Real Madrid and Thorus Arts

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