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OBC Season


Ono conducts the Fifth Symphony

  • Dates ‎31 January, 1 and 2 February 2020‎
  • Ticket prices ‎€12 / €34 / €44 / €59‎
  • Hall Hall 1 Pau Casals
  • Cycle OBC Season

Beethoven’s Fifth is a symphony par excellence. An essential work in which we discover new ‎twists, new nuances and new sensations each time we hear it. Kazushi Ono had not yet ‎offered us this symphony, but he now takes advantage of this Beethoven festival to perform ‎it with the OBC. It begins with the four most famous notes in the history of music and ‎accompanies us for half an hour along new musical avenues that only a genius like Beethoven ‎knew how to open.‎

The programme also features a very difficult and moving concert scene for soprano and ‎orchestra, and with the heroic overture inspired by the story of the Roman general ‎Coriolanus. Another highlight of the programme is the Barcelona premiere of the Beethoven-‎inspired work commissioned by the OBC to Hèctor Parra, together with the Cologne ‎Philharmonic Orchestra.‎

BEETHOVEN: Coriolan Overture, Op. 62‎
BEETHOVEN: “Ah, perfido!” (Ah, deceiver) Scene and aria, Op. 65 ‎
HECTOR PARRA: "Wanderwelle", for baritone and orchestra (comissioned work OBC)
Scriptwriter: Händl Klaus
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67‎

Barcelona Symphony and National Orchestra of Catalonia (OBC)
Kazushi Ono, conductor
Michaela Kaune, soprano
Ekkehard Abele, baritone

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