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Foto Albert Quesada


  • Dates 16 and 17 July 2022
  • Ticket prices €18
  • Hall Sala 3 Tete Montoliu
  • Cycle Escenes

Desert is based on the piece Timber (2009) by American composer ‎Michael Gordon (1956-), a work premiered in Spain in 2016 by the percussion ensemble ‎FRAMES Percussion.‎
This new staging by dancer and choreographer Albert Quesada, with an innovative sound ‎design, presents a rereading of the piece and offers a unique immersive experience.‎
In Michael Gordon’s words, Timber “evokes a journey through the desert”, a ‎journey that spectators will embark upon situated in the centre of sound and dance, which ‎will take them through the austerity and physicality of the sound material. The work is scored ‎for six large pieces of wood, known as simantras and used in Eastern Orthodox liturgy.‎
An aesthetic experience that will make us reflect and travel through our own personal, inner ‎desert. ‎

A project based on the work Timber (2009) by Michael Gordon, for six ‎percussionists.‎

Musicians: FRAMES Percussion. Miquel Vich Vila, artistic direction.‎
Music: Michael Gordon.‎
Choreography and direction: Albert Quesada.‎
Dance: Albert Quesada, Katie Vickers and Víctor Pérez Armero.‎

With the collaboration of Graner Centre de Creació.‎